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Far North Queensland Martyn Street Netball Courts

Far North Queensland Netball is run from the regional Martyn Street Courts which were developed in 2015 by the Cairns Regional Council. A decision was made to cover four courts to provide inclement weather relief from rain and tropical sun to enable games to continue during the middle of the day and the wet season. Richard Field Constructions was employed to construct the column bearing pads, structural steel frame, drainage, electrics and bird netting. Covering 4500 square metres or a little over 1 acre whilst not damaging the existing court structure was a challenge. We utilized tracked mounted Crane systems and worked from the outside in to achieve this. It was exciting to be involved in a project where planning was everything to meet this Client objective.


Clients that have worked with the award winning team at Field Construct:

What our clients say about us
"Key to the success of the project was Richard's ability to interpret my vision for the building and the completed result is a testament to his skill in that regard."
Joe Vella
"Through efficiency in organisation, pride in workmanship and sensitivity to client requirements, Field Construct displays a professional approach to building procurement."
Farrell Morrisson
Cairns Architect
“We're very pleased with the quality of work and the attention to detail provided by Field Construct; in addition, we're impressed that a project of this complexity was completed in such a timely manner.”
Tony Baker
Quicksilver Dive Centre, Port Douglas
“Our Dental Practice building is in everyway what we need for a team of practitioners from all over Australia, Thank you Richard and Team.”
Gary Taifalos
Cairns Precision Dental
“Richard Field Constructions brought a complicated, environmentally sensitive job to completion. A job well done.”
Matt Byrne
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