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Screen Queensland Studio Cairns
Field Construct were engaged to commence the Screen Queensland Studio Facility project in January 2023

Project Description

The project involves the refurbishment and conversion of a disused Bunnings store, to create a new facility for the film and recording industry which will focus on indigenous story-telling through film and media, plus many other productions.
The facility includes a sound studio, editing suites, staff amenities, production offices, tenancy offices, breakout spaces, construction area, passenger lift, revised car parking, and upgrades to existing doors, stairs, fire hydrants and drainage.

Brief outline of features and challenges

Demolition to excavate for pile caps and new wet area set-downs began quickly. It became apparent that the ground slab was not level, and had deflected due to ground settlement below – creating a void under the slab. RFC sourced ground engineers and provided means to fill and raise the slab back to within ten millimetres of tolerance across the critical areas of operations. The remaining slab areas were also void-filled to prevent further deflection.

The sound studio is a separate ‘building within a building’, founded on screw piles and footings, with a structural steel frame and a bespoke double-walled sound-absorbing shell. This studio covers over one and a half thousand square metres, and has a volume of some eleven and a half thousand cubic meters. The mass of the studio alone is one hundred and seventy-three tons, so design and installation of screw piles to suit the loads was then undertaken, followed by structural steel installation under awkward height restraints.

The drafting and installation of the acoustic panels to suit the designer’s intent was also controlled by RFC, as the studio is constructed ‘inside out’ with the face of the panels on the inside of the studio for aesthetics. Steel supporting beams and panel sizes were all adjusted to make the system fit seamlessly, and the panels installed from behind before the outer wall is constructed and sheeted. Double roller doors and access doors were installed for light and acoustics control.

New structural steel framing supports the editing suites and production offices, and a load-bearing acoustic sandwich panel roof was provided. The editing suites have sound insulating doors and windows.

New steel roller door openings were cut into existing concrete walls, and structural stiffening beams installed.

All existing offices and amenities were demolished and re-constructed, and fire rated compartments designed under existing stairs for compliance.

New electrical mains, sub-mains, switchboards, data and security was installed throughout.

First floor

All existing offices were demolished and re-configured. A structural steel extension was constructed to support a large mezzanine break-out area. Access stairs were brought up to standard, and a new kitchen and amenities area provided.


Existing mechanical ducts and package units were replaced, and new roof flashing installed to remediate existing leaks. This required removal and replacement of nearly all roof safety walkways.


Field Construct once again produced a high quality facility to the client’s satisfaction while adhering to budget and time manipulations.

Completed Construction


Clients that have worked with the award winning team at Field Construct:

What our clients say about us
"Key to the success of the project was Richard's ability to interpret my vision for the building and the completed result is a testament to his skill in that regard."
Joe Vella
"Through efficiency in organisation, pride in workmanship and sensitivity to client requirements, Field Construct displays a professional approach to building procurement."
Farrell Morrisson
Cairns Architect
“We're very pleased with the quality of work and the attention to detail provided by Field Construct; in addition, we're impressed that a project of this complexity was completed in such a timely manner.”
Tony Baker
Quicksilver Dive Centre, Port Douglas
“Our Dental Practice building is in everyway what we need for a team of practitioners from all over Australia, Thank you Richard and Team.”
Gary Taifalos
Cairns Precision Dental
“Richard Field Constructions brought a complicated, environmentally sensitive job to completion. A job well done.”
Matt Byrne
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